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Offer Details

Microsoft Azure operated by 21Vianet

The tables below list all of our active offers. The first table lists our offers that are currently available for purchase. The second table lists those offers that are no longer available for purchase, although existing customers can continue to be on these rate plans,but the existing customers can still continue to retain these preferential project.

Current Offers

Offer Name Offer Number
Azure Standard Pay-In-Advance MS-MC-AZR-33P
Azure Monetary Credit -
Azure 1RMB Trial MS-MC-AZR-0044P
MSDN Subscriptions Azure Benefit Offer

Visual Studio Professional (subscriber benefit): MS-MC-AZR-59P

Visual Studio Test Professional (subscriber benefit): MS-MC-AZR-60P

MSDN Platforms (subscriber benefit): MS-MC-AZR-62P

Visual Studio Enterprise (subscriber benefit): MS-MC-AZR-63P

Retired Offers

Offer Name Offer Number
Azure Free Trial MS-MC-AZR-01P
Windows Server Essentials Customers Offer MS-MC-AZR-90P