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Azure Import/Export

With the Azure import/export service, you can use the HDD to transfer large amounts of data in and out of Azure. For the movement of large datasets, the importing/exporting is faster and more cost-effective than data transfer by the Internet. This service enables you to transfer data to Azure through the secure transfer from the HDD to the data center and the high-speed and secure internal network.

Pricing Details

Device handling: the processing fee for each storage device is ¥380. No network data transfer charge between the device and Azure Storage within the same datacenter. Please view the Storage Pricing Details page.

Return shipping of devices: related shipping charges caused by device returns is free before March 1, 2017.


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The import/export service is available in the following regions:

Territory Region
Mainland China China East, China North

Support & SLA

If you have any questions or need help, please visit Azure Support and select self-help service or any other method to contact us for support.

Currently, we will not provide a Service Level Agreement for importing/exporting. If you want to learn about the details of our Service Level Agreement, please access the Service Level Agreements page.