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Azure IoT Edge

Extend cloud intelligence and analytics to edge devices

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Azure IoT Edge deploys cloud services to IoT devices, allowing you to process data, run analytics, and gain insights locally on your edge devices. This is made possible by deploying cloud services such as Artificial Intelligence, Azure Functions and Azure Stream Analytics and managing edge devices from Azure IoT Hub. You can also deploy custom code allowing you to deploy customized complex business logic on edge devices. Azure IoT Edge enables code symmetry between the cloud and the edge, simplifying development efforts and allowing developers to focus on building features that deliver end customer value instead of managing infrastructure.

Pricing Details

Azure IoT Hub is required for the secure management of devices and services deployed to the edge via Azure IoT Edge. Azure IoT Edge is designed to run on both Windows and Linux, on hardware of your choosing. You would deploy Azure IoT Edge on an IoT device with sufficient memory and other resources, typically a gateway class device.

Azure IoT Hub More information Pricing

There is no charge for using Azure IoT Edge. Azure IoT Edge allows you to run multiple Azure services on the edge. These Azure services running on IoT Edge will be billed according to their specific pricing.

For more information and pricing details on services that can be run on Azure IoT Edge, please visit the following pages:

Azure Functions More information Pricing

Azure Stream Analytics More information Pricing


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  • How is usage of IoT Edge billed?

    Azure IoT Edge service itself is free but requires Azure IoT Hub for the secure management of devices and edge deployment. If you choose to access Azure services with IoT Edge you are billed for the specific service based on its billing model for use on the edge. For instance, if you choose to run Azure Stream Analytics on IoT Edge you will be billed for IoT Hub usage AND according to the Azure Stream Analytics on edge pricing.

Support & SLA

If you have any questions or need help, please visit Azure Support and select self-help service or any other method to contact us for support.

Service Level Agreement is not available in the free edition of IoT Edge.

To learn more about the details of our Service Level Agreement, please visit the Service Level Agreements page.

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