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VPN GatewayVPN Gateway

Establish secure, cross-premises connectivity

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Connect infrastructure to the cloud

  • Industry standard point-to-point IPSec VPN
  • Point-to-point VPN access from anywhere
  • VPN Gateway provides a 99.9% run time Service Level Agreement guarantee
  • High availability, ease of administration
  • Make a secure connection from any site

Connect a data center to the cloud

You can use Azure VPN Gateway to easily make a point-to-point VPN connection between a local network and Azure, very similar to setting up and connecting to a remote affiliate. Uses industry standard Internet security (IPSec) and Internet Key Exchange (IKE) to connect very securely.

Connect to Azure Virtual Network from any site

With point-to-point VPN you can connect to virtual machines in the Azure Virtual Network from any site (whether on the road or in your favorite cafe) and manage deployment or a client demo.

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