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Virtual Machine Scale SetsVirtual Machine Scale Sets

Manage and scale thousands of Linux and Windows virtual machines

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  • Create hundreds of identical virtual machines in under an hour
  • Rapidly extend your large-scale computing and Big Data apps
  • Dependably integrate load balancing and automatic extension
  • Large-scale deployment of virtual machines and updates
  • Supports Linus or Windows mapping and extension
  • Runs Cassandra, Cloudera, Hadoop, MongoDB and Mesos

Similar to laaS control, similar to PaaS extension

Use Azure Resource Manager as a template for deployment of Virtual Machine Scale Sets - supports Windows and Linux platform imaging and custom imaging and extension.

Carry out large-scale and reliable deployment and replacement

You can deploy hundreds of identical Virtual Machines in minutes without any worries. You can rely on large-scale, simple updates in order to focus on important content, such as your applications, and not your infrastructure.

Automatic extension

Virtual Machine Scale Sets with Azure Insights automatic scaling integration provide genuine automatic extension. There is no need to preset virtual machines, therefore you only use computer resources when you need to run apps.

Simplify networks

Virtual Machine Scale Sets with Azure network resource integration (for example Load Balancer and Application Gateway). In Virtual Machine Scale Sets you can easily extend workloads between individual virtual machines, and configure network address switching (NAT) rules to link to specific virtual machine instances to conduct failure recovery.

Supports extremely large-scale workloads

Virtual Machine Scale Sets are very flexible and designed to support lateral extension of workloads - including stateless Web front ends, business process containers, and micro service clusters. Service Fabric actually runs on Virtual Machine Scale Set.

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