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Provides NoSQL storage for unstructured and semi-structured data

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  • Storage of highly available semi-structured data
  • Create highly scalable apps
  • Create apps with flexible data structures
  • Use JSON serialized data
  • Implement queries based on OData

Storage PM level of structured data

Use Azure Table Storage PB-level semi-structured data and lower costs. Most (local or cloud-based) data storage is not the same. Table Storage does not need manual data collection to expand. Availability isn’t an issue: use Geo-Redundant Storage and store three copies of the data in one region and another three copies in another region over 100 km away.

Supports flexible data structures

Table Storage is an extremely flexible dataset (web user data, address books, equipment information, and other metadata), and there is no need for the data model to be locked into a special data structure to generate cloud apps. Different structures can be used in the same table (for example, order information on one line and customer information on another line), so that you can still launch applications and structure tables even when online.


Table Storage includes a strong, consistent model. When inserting or updating data In Table Storage, the most recent version of the data will be visible on subsequent access, which is very important when many users are updating the data storage system.

Azure Storage space provides content enrichment of customer-end libraries using .NET, Java, Android, C++, Node.js, PHP, Ruby and Python to create apps. The customer-end library provides advanced features to Table Storage and supports OData if using queries of optimistic locking features. Data in memory can be accessed through REST API and REST API can invoke any language through HTTP/HTTPS requests.

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