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REST-based object storage for unstructured data

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With exabytes of capacity and immense scalability, Blob storage can store hundreds to billions of objects in “Hot”, “Cool”, or “Archive” levels based on data access frequency.

Add or reduce “Hot”, “Cool”, or “Archive” levels

Do you deal with different servers on different racks every day? No more. Blob storage can handle all kinds of unstructured data, and expand (or reduce) scale as demands change. No further need to manage it, only pay for what you use and save money by choosing to store locally. Select “Hot”, “Cool” or “Archive” storage levels based on data access frequency. If data will be accessed infrequently, then select the “Cool” or “Archive” storage levels. If data will be accessed frequently, then select the “Hot” storage level.

Why choose Azure Blob Storage?

Not all cloud object storage is the same. Azure provides:

  • Strong consistency

    When objects change, you can inspect and verify each location to achieve outstanding data integrity and ensure you are accessing the newest version from end to end.

  • Object variability

    Flexibility to edit locally, so you can increase app features while reducing bandwidth.

  • There are many types of Blob

    Block object, page object, and appended Blob provide the greatest flexibility to optimize storage and can satisfy all your needs.

  • Easy to use geo-redundancy

    In a single menu, select automatic configuration of geo-redundancy and effortlessly authorize global enhancement and local access for business continuity.

Global access with a single infrastructure

Any customer configuration can use unstructured data through REST object storage. With overlapping venues worldwide during the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, it didn’t matter that there were billions of bytes of film and television programming running in long term file storage, all the streaming and media storage could be handled perfectly. Behind the scenes big data analysis provided access to large-scale object storage to the right person at the right time.

Cloud scale for any data

Reliable, mature, exabyte-scale technology storing any type of unstructured data (images, audio, documents, etc.). Blob storage can handle billions of stored objects for customers worldwide at speeds averaging several millions of requests per millisecond.

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