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Simplified enterprise cloud messaging

When you need highly reliable cloud messaging services between apps and services, you can depend on Azure Service Bus (even if one or multiple apps and services are offline). This fully-managed service is available in every Azure region and eliminates the burden of server management and licensing. Its asynchronous operations can implement flexible message relaying, structured first-in, first-out (FIFO) message transfer, and publishing/subscription functions between the client and the server, making it ideally suited to tasks like subscription processing.

Build scalable cloud solutions

The asynchronous message transfer mode is the cornerstone of durable apps, and ensures that users can reliably upscale. Integrating cloud resources such as Azure SQL Database, Azure Storage and Web Apps with Service Bus message transfer allows you to deliver smooth operation under variable load conditions and achieve persistence, thereby overcoming intermittent failures.

Run complex message transfer workflows

Use complex routing to build durable message transfer topology and increase overall availability. The service bus is used to send messages to multiple subscribers and implement large-scale dispersed delivery of messages to downstream systems.

Spanning hybrid cloud solutions to achieve high-security communication

Access existing assets in any location without the need for complicated firewall, network or VPN configuration, and use the service bus relay’s hybrid connection functions. These services provide enhanced authentication and connections via the cloud, and allow you to view and monitor activity.

Easily allow multiple apps to share one connection

Save data in its original local location and use the service bus relay’s hybrid connection functions to access data from the cloud or any other location using individual secure connections.

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