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Run your jobs on simple or complex recurring schedules

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Run your jobs on simple or complex recurring schedules

  • Call services inside or outside Azure
  • Run jobs on any schedule - run jobs instantly, later, or regularly
  • Works reliably even if unexpected failures occur
  • Use Azure Storage Space Queue for long-running or offline jobs
  • Call web service endpoints using HTTP/HTTPS

Create jobs that run according to a schedule

Azure Scheduler lets you create jobs in the cloud that reliably call services inside and outside Azure - for example, calling HTTP/S endpoints or publishing messages to Azure Storage Space Queue. You can choose to run the job immediately, run on regularly scheduled dates, or run at a specific timepoint in the future.

It is perfectly suited to regular operations and everyday maintenance, and is an ideal tool for developers

Azure Scheduler is perfectly suited to regular operations, and is also an ideal tool for clearing up logs, starting routine backups, and other app maintenance tasks. Developers can also integrate Scheduler into their apps.

Designed for high availability and reliability

Scheduler continues to work and run scheduled jobs even when network, computer and datacenter failures occur. If necessary, it can automatically switch to a specific backup datacenter in the same region. Users can also configure backup endpoints in case the primary endpoint is unavailable.

Create asynchronous jobs that use queues

Scheduler can also publish messages to Azure Storage Space Queue, to perform asynchronous processing of regular requests. This function is especially useful for complex or long-running requests such as a series of SQL queries on a large-scale database, or if you want to call an offline service.

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