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Network WatcherNetwork Watcher

Network performance monitoring and diagnostics solution

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  • Remote capture of virtual machine data packets
  • Use flow logs and installation views to monitor virtual machine network security
  • Diagnose VPN connection problems

Use data packet capture to automate remote network monitoring

Monitor and diagnose networking issues without logging in to your virtual machine (VMs) using Network Watcher. Set alarms to trigger data packet capture and get access to real-time performance information at the data packet level, so you can perform detailed checks and obtain more accurate diagnostic results.

Use flow logs to find out about network traffic

Use Network Security Group flow logs to gain a deeper understanding of network traffic patterns. The information provided by flow logs helps you to collect compliance data and audit and monitor network security configuration files

Diagnose VPN connection problems

You can use Network Watcher to diagnose common VPN gateway and connection issues, so you can not only identify problems, but also use the detailed logs you created to assist you with further investigations.

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