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Multi-Factor AuthenticationMulti-Factor Authentication

More security for your data and apps without adding hassles for your users

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Increased security for data and apps

  • Protect access using Mobile Apps, phone calls and text messages
  • Deploy in the cloud
  • Keep hybrid environments consistent with local environments
  • Reduce risk and fulfill compliance requirements

Greater security, fewer obstacles

Azure Multi-Factor Authentication protects access to your data and apps, while also meeting user demand for simple logon processes. Multi-Factor Authentication uses a range of simple authentication options, including phone calls, texts and mobile app notifications, to provide identity verification, so users can use their preferred method.

Deploy in the cloud

Enable Multi-Factor Authentication in Azure Active Directory to add extra authentication measures for all cloud-based apps and services.

Provides more protection for Azure administrators

Azure Multi-Factor Authentication provides additional layers of security for Azure administrator accounts for free. If you enable Multi-Factor Authentication, you will need to confirm your identity before you can run Virtual Machines, manage storage or use other Azure services.

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