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Azure Cache for RedisAzure Cache for Redis

A powerful application with high throughput and low-latency data access

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Data access with high throughput and consistently low latency helps you to rapidly scale up Azure apps.

  • Fully managed
  • High throughput
  • Low latency
  • High performance
  • Secure

Azure Cache for Redis is based on the commonly used open source Redis Cache. This enables you to access the secure, professional Redis Cache operated and managed by 21Vianet. Caches created using Azure Cache for Redis can be accessed from any app within Azure.

Azure Cache for Redis is available in two tiers:

  • Basic - Single node, multiple sizes.
  • Standard - Dual nodes, master/subordinate, includes Service Level Agreement (SLA) and replication support, multiple sizes.
  • Premium - The new premium service tier is currently only available as a preview version, but offers all the features of the standard tier plus a number of new functions, such as higher caching performance compared to the basic and standard tiers, support for larger-scale workloads, disaster recovery capabilities, and enhanced security. It also has other functions:
    • Redis data persistence enables you to permanently store any data you have in the Redis Cache. You can also create snapshots or backup the data for reloading in case of failure.
    • High throughput
    • Redis clusters automatically implement fragmented distribution of data across multiple Redis nodes, so that you can create larger internal storage (over 53 GB) workloads and achieve better performance.

The basic tier and standard tier caches provide a maximum of 53 GB of storage, and the premium tier supports up to 530 GB and can be further expanded upon request.

High performance

Azure Cache for Redis helps make your apps more responsive even when user load increases, and provides access to the low-latency, high-throughput functionality of the Redis Engine. This standalone distributed cache tier allows independent scaling of the data tier to deliver more efficient usage of computing resources in the application tier.

Powerful functions

Redis is a type of Premium key-value store, within which keys may include data structures such as character strings, hashes, lists, sets and ordered sets. Redis supports single atomic operations for such data types.

Redis also allows you to set up simple master-slave replication that automatically reconnects so you can perform initial synchronization and network partitioning quickly and without interruption.

Other features include tasks, distribution/subscriptions, Lua scripts, limited-lifespan keys and configuration settings that make Redis behave in a similar way to a cache.

You can use Redis with today’s most commonly used programming languages.

Azure Cache for Redis uses Redis authentication and also supports SSL connections to Redis.

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