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Azure PolicyAzure Policy

Implement large-scale company management and standards for Azure resources

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  • Easily manage Azure resources
  • Large-scale app management and security
  • Implement policies and audit compliance
  • Continuously monitor compliance
  • Flexibly create custom policies
  • Apply built-in policies from the community and official Azure sources

Add policies to resources

Turn on built-in policies or build your own custom policies to implement large-scale security and management of Azure resources. Limit your organization’s deployment options to specific data centers, or only enable specific resource types to be created. Create metadata tokens to help promote accountability and compliance.

Choose how to build policies

Create policies in the Azure portal, which has full support for IntelliSense, or any other JSON editor, and import policies using Bash, PowerShell, or APIs.

Monitor compliance

Choose to execute policies or audit policy compliance targeting best practices. View policy compliance for all policies, or aggregate multiple policies into a plan and supervise compliance for the entire plan.

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