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Azure Functions


Use non-server coding to process events

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Experience for yourself developing through event-driven type non-servers. On demand scaling by only paying for the resources used.

Use non-server calculations provided by Azure Functions

As needed you can scale simple non-server functions to effortlessly create apps. You can select your preferred programming language without need to worry about a server or infrastructure.

Manage apps not infrastructure

Concentrate on creating powerful apps. No need to worry about provisioning and administering servers. Azure Functions provides a completely trusted computing platform, which is highly reliable and secure. Based on your scaling and computing needs, you can get any computing resources when needed without having to consider capacity.

Optimize business logic

Only for business critical code compiling. It uses innovative programming models to resolve problems, for example with other service communications, and for creating dependable HTTP API or coordinating complicated workflows. Azure Functions provides you applicable microservices used to create apps that are highly scalable and stable.

Develop according to your needs

Use your preferred programming language to set up Azure Functions. Compile code on an easy to use web-based interface or use your favorite development tool on your computer to create and test locally. Use built-in persistent deployment and use integrated monitoring tools to resolve faults. Focus on multiple targets (Cloud Services and Azure Stack) using identical function code.

Use Azure Functions to perform operations

Backend Web applications

Get online orders and carry out operations from within the queue to generate data preserved in the database.

Backend mobile apps

Co-workers can settle lunch costs between themselves using mobile banking: the person advancing money for lunch can request payment through a mobile app, triggering a notification on the other co-worker’s cell phone.

Real time file processing

Safe uploading of medical PDF files. Afterwards, use OCR to detect, decompose, and process the data and add a searchable version to a database.

Realtime stream processing

Gather large volumes of telemetry data from a large number of cloud apps. Close to real time processing of the data and storage in a database to provide an analytic dashboard.

Program mission automation

Every 15 minutes an analysis is conducted of the customer database, checking for duplicate entries and preventing multiple communications from being sent to the same customer.

Extending SaaS apps

SaaS resolves programs through webhook (achieved through Azure Functions) to provide augmentability by automating some of the workflow.

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