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Quickly create powerful cloud apps for web and mobile

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App Service is a cloud platform for building powerful web and mobile apps that can connect to data anywhere (in the cloud or locally).

Build scalable web apps

Use your favorite languages to code in IDE—build web apps and APIs more quickly than ever before using .NET, Node.js, PHP, Python, or Java. Use Visual Studio Team Services or GitHub and live-site debugging to become more agile through continuous integration. Easily change the scale of apps as required, with high availability.

Attractive Mobile Apps

Build attractive iOS, Android, and Windows mobile apps. Add enterprise logins easily and connect to local resources securely. Create robust apps that are still useful in the event of network problems so that users can create and modify data even when they are offline. Broadcast custom push notifications to millions of devices in minutes.

Simple integration

Rapidly automate business processes with a visual design experience for business processes and workflows. Integrate with your SaaS and enterprise applications. Upon being used, these applications will be able to connect directly to dozens of cloud-based services and enterprise applications.

  • Web Apps

    Create and deploy mission-critical Web Apps that scale with your business.

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  • Mobile Apps

    Construct attractive iOS, Android, and Windows apps.

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  • API Apps

    Uses your choice of language for rapid generation and use of API in the cloud.

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