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Azure Analysis ServicesAzure Analysis Services

Enterprise-class analytics engine as a service

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Get started quickly and scale with efficiency

Use Azure Resource Manager to create and deploy an Azure Analysis Services instance within seconds, use Backup and Restore to quickly move your existing models to Azure Analysis Services, and take advantage of the scalability, flexibility, and management benefits of the cloud. Scale up, scale down, or pause the service, and pay only for what you use.

Transform complex data into a single picture

Combine data from multiple sources into a single, trusted BI semantic model that’s easy to understand and use. Enable self-service and data discovery for business users by simplifying the view of data and its underlying structure.

Match performance to the speed of business

Reduce the time taken to get insight into large and complex datasets. Fast response times mean your BI solution can meet the needs of your business users and keep pace with your business. Connect to real-time operational data using DirectQuery and watch business trends closely.

Provide secured access, whenever and wherever you need it

Make sure only authorized users can access your data models (no matter who they are), using role-based security and Azure Active Directory support. With 99.9% availability, your users can access critical information when they need it.

Accelerate delivery time

Release your BI solutions in a predictable and highly secured way. With the help of robust application lifecycle management functions, confidently and quickly manage, deploy, test, and deliver your BI solutions.

Develop in a familiar environment

Focus on solving business problems, not learning new skills, when you use the familiar, integrated development environment of Visual Studio. Easily deploy your existing SQL Server 2016 tabular models to the cloud.

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