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Azure Active Directory

Synchronize on-premises directories and enable single sign-on

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Integrate a local deployment of Azure Active Directory to enable Single Sign On across cloud applications.

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is a modern service based on REST that provides identity management and access control functions for cloud applications. You can now use the same identity service for Azure, M365, D365, and other third-party cloud services. Azure Active Directory offers a cloud identity provider that easily integrates with locally deployed AD and full support of third-party identity providers.

You can perform the following operations with Azure AD:
Integrate with locally deployed Azure Active Directory

Rapidly extend existing locally deployed Azure AD application policies and use existing enterprise credentials for Azure and other cloud services to control and authenticate users.

Provide access control for applications

Easily manage access to applications based on centralized policies and rules. Ensure that consistent, appropriate access to your organization's applications is maintained, to meet critical internal security and compliance requirements. With Azure AD access control, developers can centrally authenticate and authorize applications in Azure using consumer identity providers or by deploying Windows Server Active Directory locally.

Build social relationships within an enterprise

Azure AD Graph is an innovative social enterprise graph with a simple, clean interface and an Explorer view that you can use to access objects including users, groups, and roles, so you can find information and relationships easily.

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